Final Reduction
Yip Pak To
Risograph prints
Each 18 × 12 cm, set of 24

Hong Kong is a world about money. With capitalism and materialism dominating the society, people are in pursuit of unnecessary commodities. Even art is commercialised. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer here. Property prices are soaring everyday. The marginalised and less-privileged are being exploited. They all lead to the deepening of social conflicts. Each and every one of us are drifting through life and we are losing our values. This illustration series is aimed to bring up the above problems and reflect on ourselves with a hint of humour.
每幅 18 × 12 厘米,共 24 件

香港是個金錢世界,資本主義和物資主義 主導下,人人盲目追求不需要的消費品, 連藝術也商業化,貧富懸殊嚴重,樓價升不停,弱勢社群被剝削,使社會充滿矛盾, 各階層為生活奔波勞碌,失去人生價值。 透過這插畫系列,我希望以輕鬆幽默手法 將這些問題呈現,讓大家反思。
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