My name is Yip Pak To. I am a Hong Kong-based illustrator, graphic designer and design teacher.

I graduated with a BDes from Griffith University in 2000, and obtained my MA from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018. Following a decade of industry experience working in design agencies, I have been teaching design at higher educational level for the past 11 years.

Despite being exposed to a wide range of media in the past, I have been specialised in illustration recently. My areas of focus include digital illustration, printing and printmaking, conceptual illustration, and editorial illustration.

My visual style is minimal, colourful and flat. While I usually make illustrations with computer, I work with traditional drawing and painting media sometimes. I am most interested in exploring the colours and effects produced by printing and printmaking techniques.

If you are interested in working with me, or have any question to ask, feel free to get in touch.
+852 9465 5433

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